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We have a great staff that enjoys their jobs and do an excellent job of helping patients solve vision problems. We are a family practice that provides personalized eye care for patients from toddlers to seniors. Schletzbaum Optometry is soon to be the first optometry office in Kansas to go all electronic with its medical records in connection with the Kansas Health Information Network. While Dr. Schletzbaum is now the only doctor in the office, because the office offers a full line of eyewear, which about half his patients take advantage of, he still employs six other people. The staff includes two each at the front desk and in the optical portion of the business, as well as two who help with working up patients before an exam, he said. The staff also handles insurance claims, billing and payroll. Facing stiff competition from online eyeglasses and contact lens sales, Our staff has to provide valuable services for products that cant be gotten from online sellers or big box chains, Schletzbaum said. The office is involved in several charitable programs, including collecting old glasses for the Lyons Club, free eye exams to children under age 5 in the See To Learn Program, and supporting local public and private schools in various fundraisers. I enjoy serving and supporting the community that my wife and I grew up in, Schletzbaum stated during a Chamber interview. I am proud to carry on the legacy of the business that both Drs.

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